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At The Contractor Mortgage Company, we offer all of our clients impartial advice on the most suitable mortgage funding available for their particular needs. No two contractors are the same, and we make it our business to provide advice that is tailored to your unique, individual circumstances. We thought we'd pick out a few of the questions often asked by contractors when they are thinking about looking for a mortgage. For fuller and more individual responses please get in touch with our team. 

I'm a contractor, how much can I borrow on my current or past contract rate?

This is probably the number 1 question because many contractors worry about their ability to secure a mortgage at a competitive rate. Every contractor looking for a mortgage has a different set of circumstances and aspirations, so as much as we'd love to provide a simple answer, the truth is you ought to speak to an independent mortgage adviser like ourselves to make sure you get the best available products and advice. 

To start with we suggest you use our mortgage calculator as a guide to indicate how much you can borrow - better still give us a call on: 0330 088 1260 and we'll get you a great mortgage deal offer based on your actual requirements and circumstances. 

I'm new to contracting - am I less likely to be able to get a mortgage?

The likelihood is that a normal mortgage broker or high street lender or bank will present your mortgage application using a mainstream lending criteria, and there is a strong possibility that you will end up with a reduced borrowing figure - the worst case scenario is that the lender will decline your mortgage application altogether.

We will have a much higher probability of securing a mortgage for you, even if you just started contracting - it is what we specialise in! Securing a mortgage as a contractor isn't easy if you go it alone, and therefore we're bringing you some tips to help you on your way. It's always best to use a contractor mortgage specialist, such as The Contractor Mortgage Company. We can help you to avoid the stresses associated with obtaining a mortgage in a difficult lending climate. 

Is a contractor mortgage more costly?

In a word - no! Historically, mortgages were more costly for contractors as many high street lenders did not understand how contractors were rewarded financially, and therefore they would not offer any mortgage options. This meant that contractors ended up using specialist lenders who allowed more flexibility, but they tended to charge higher rate of interest than mainstream lenders. Nowadays, there is no differentiation between pricing for a 'normal mortgage' when it is compared to a contractor mortgage.

Take advice from our established independent mortgage adviser that specialises in contractor mortgage applications - give us a call : 0330 088 1260