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Are you a contractor looking for a mortgage?

Finding it increasingly difficult to explain your employment status to lenders?

The employment landscape has changed vastly over the last decade. A recent study, “The Evolution of the On-Demand Economy”, reported that the self-employed sector is growing, and fast. Expanding more than any other sector of the labour market by 3.5%, it is predicted that 1 in 2 of us will be, in some form, freelancing, contracting or in a self-employed capacity by 2020.

Having said that, we are fully focused on making lenders being more contractor friendly. The Contractor Mortgage Company has worked hard to build long lasting relationships with lenders and have helped to influence them to work with you, not against you, regardless of the type of employment you find yourself in.

How does The Contractor Mortgage Company work?

  • We firstly determine how much you can borrow
  • You find your dream property and make an offer
  • Submit your mortgage application to us
  • We complete all relevant mortgage searches
  • Present a mortgage offer from a lender
  • Sign the contracts
  • Exchange contracts
  • Decide on completion date
  • You move into your dream home! 

Why choose The Contractor Mortgage Company? 

With specialist knowledge, access to many exclusive rates and products and the ability to potentially secure a mortgage offer within 11 days*, there are many reasons why you should choose us if you are a contractor or freelancer. 

Our experienced mortgage consultants are at hand to help you at every stage of the mortgage process so you can quickly make that move into your dream home.