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Top Tips to Getting a Contractor Mortgage

Securing a mortgage as a contractor isn’t easy if you go it alone so we have put together some top tips to help you on your way.

Essential Tips for Contractors Getting a Mortgage

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get a mortgage as the economy fluctuates and, unsurprisingly, many contractors will be wondering how this might affect their chances of securing a mortgage in the future.

Contractor Mortgage Myths

At The Contractor Mortgage Company, we specialise in contractor mortgages. Our team understands the financial status of contractors and work alongside head office underwriters who are contractor friendly so we always find our clients a mortgage!

Are you Struggling to Secure a Contractor Mortgage?

With specialist knowledge, access to many exclusive rates and products and the ability to potentially secure a mortgage offer within 11 days*, there are many reasons why you should choose us if you are a contractor or freelancer.

Can Contractors get Mortgages?

If you are approaching a bank or a non-specialist broker directly, the answer to that question may unfortunately be, "with great difficulty".

5 Documents For Your Contractor Mortgage

Many mortgage lenders are happy to work with specialist brokers who understand the financial status of their clients who are looking for a contractor mortgage.

Mortgage Broker Southampton

The Contractor Mortgage Company can provide mortgage advise to contractors and self-employed workers from a range of employment areas.

Top 3 Mortgage Tips for Contractors

We provide specialist mortgage advice and practical help to contractors and self-employed professionals across a wide range of industry sectors.

Loans for Contractors

The Contractor Mortgage Company has access to many lenders who are experienced in dealing with contractors, a great help when you are looking for the right loan at a competitive rate.

Mortgages for Contractors - Top 3 Questions

At The Contractor Mortgage Company, we offer all of our clients impartial advice on the most suitable mortgage funding available for their particular needs.