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Specialist Contractor Mortgage Broker

Here at The Contractor Mortgage Company we are true specialists in our field. As a broker with access to over 90 lenders and 12,000 products, including specialist contractor products, we can ensure you get the most suitable mortgage to meet your needs.

If you are a contractor looking for a mortgage, you don’t need to have three years of accounts!

Contact us and we’ll arrange a mortgage that is based on your contract rate.

Why use The Contractor Mortgage Company?

5 of the many reasons we are trusted by thousands of customers across the UK with their finances are:

  • Award-winning financial advice

  • Personal review from one of the UK's leading financial advisers

  • Quick, hassle-free, simple service

  • We will search the market, saving you time and effort

  • Access to exclusive products not available on the High Street

Fair Mortgage Funding for Contractors

Using the lenders’ standard criteria when assessing income, contractors can find it difficult to prove they earn enough to support the amount of funding they require. Take for example a contractor who is looking to buy a property at £350,000, and whose daily rate is £500. If the contractor runs a limited company, with a salary and dividends of around £45,000, this is likely to limit the amount he or she can borrow to a maximum of £225,000. Lenders are also concerned over what happens when your present contract ends - how will you go on paying for your mortgage?

At The Contractor Mortgage Company, we are delighted that we have managed to overcome these issues with a number of lenders, and we can now help to source mortgage funding for contractors in this situation. We have always considered it unfair that contractors had to rely on self-certified mortgages that often came at a high price. Now we are able to arrange much more cost-effective options for contractors

Mortgages for Contractors - Help & Advice

Mortgage advice and arrangement is provided primarily to contractors and self employed professionals working in the IT sector and there are many other professionals who benefit from our specialist mortgage advice, including:

  • IT programmers, Developers, Consultants

  • Engineers & Project Managers

  • Telecom Consutants

  • Management & Marketing Consultants

  • Interim Managers

  • Non-Executive Directors

  • Accountants, Actuaries, Finance

  • Architects & Surveyors

  • Oil & Gas Professionals

  • Locum Doctors

  • Supply Teachers