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Mortgage Advice for New Build Homes

Interested in buying a New Build property? Many people choose New Build homes for the benefits they can offer, such as an NHBC guarantee and the convenience of no renovation work for a good few years! Depending on the stage of building it may be possible to choose aspects of your home such as the kitchen units, bathroom, tiles and flooring. The builder may also offer incentives such as cash back or the chance to part exchange your current home.

When it comes to getting a mortgage for your New Build home, it is much like any other mortgage. The only difference being that some lenders may require a slightly higher deposit. When it comes to having your mortgage ready, timing is crucial and even more so with New Builds with developers often requiring exchange and completions in a relatively short time, and timing your mortgage with your exchange and completion date can make things slightly more complicated.

The Contractor Mortgage Company can not just find you the right mortgage for your New Build but ensure that your application runs smoothly, helping you into your exciting brand new home as soon as possible.

Is a New Build Property Right for Me?

As with all homes, it is important to decide whether a New Build house is right for you. Just because a home is brand new, it can still have problems which will have to be negotiated with your builder. Depending on the stage of your development there is also the likelihood you will spend the first few months or more living on a building site. Make sure you have and look at a range of new developments as well as some older properties to help you decide,

Why not give The Contractor Mortgage Company a call for a quick initial financial assessment? We will be able to give you an indication of how much you could borrow so you can get out and start house hunting!

Let The Contractor Mortgage Company Help

The Contractor Mortgage Company can help you find a mortgage for your New Build home quickly and efficiently by:

  • Searching the market for the most suitable mortgage deal for you.
  • Processing all the required paperwork
  • Ensuring every aspect of your mortgage application are dealt with swiftly.
  • Helping you to arrange any relevant insurance